Intervention in public space through the implementation of a public bench to expand the significance of the corner space at the intersection of Seifertova and Chlumova streets in Prague’s Žižkov district.

The justification for creating the bench revolves around several aspects.

The first is a personal interest in ubiquitous cities that defy the norm of urban space, often forgotten elements of urban infrastructure that, without their original purpose, exist as hidden anomalies, thus creating a new space in the urban landscape, which I consider important for the city’s identity. The wear and tear itself can be seen as a trace of history or a tool for understanding the uniqueness and importance of a specific place.

The bench, thanks to its red color and construction made of recycled pipes, mimics the railing on which it is mounted, literally creating
a blending effect. It becomes, at first glance, an inconspicuous and easily overlooked part of the urban space.

The second aspect could be the element of surprise and ambiguity, where it is not clear who placed the bench there and why. For this reason, there is no explanatory text or reference at the bench.

I leave it to anyone who encounters the bench to come up with their own justification.

This is also connected to the third aspect, which is a post-closure study focused on the public’s reaction and the transformation of the bench and its surroundings.