How can we perceive the landscape and with what senses do we perceive it?

One of the senses that accompanies us through the landscape is hearing. The omnipresent sound becomes an invisible monument, thanks to which the landscape takes on a new dimension. In my work, this space is recorded and made visible. Using a simple audio-visual technique, I conveyed an insight into this latent world.

Using a drone, I mapped the environment of the Prokopská gorge and the Prokopská skály, which, thanks to their massive walls, dominate
ambient sounds. I then recorded these sounds on a sensitive audio recorder at night in absolute silence. The recorded audio is then used
software processed into a visual presentation, i.e. a three-dimensional graph, which is then linked to a photograph.

In the finale, it is a matter of combining two spheres into one and a demonstration of a world that is everywhere even though we cannot see it...